Hank and Jed Newsletter – January 2016

Hank and Jed Newsletter – January 2016

Hey guys, Happy New Year, here are some highlights from Hank and Jed & Neebs Gaming this month!

Fallout 4 NG Series!

Check out the new Fall Out 4 series on Neebs Gaming including gameplay and animation.

Neebs Talks Series!

Check out the Neebs Talks Series as well, where Neebs and the group share crazy stories!

January Top 20!

Also check out this months Top 20 Battlefield 4 clips!

Neebs Gaming Myrtle Beach Trip!

Come hang out with the Neebs Gaming crew on a weekend of fun this February!

February 26-28 Myrtle beach

70$ for a shared room 140$ for a single

To book your spot. Contact us at events@neebsgaming.net  no later than feb 5th.

Any questions email events@neebsgaming.net


Hank and Jed Newsletter – August 2015

Hey guys, here are some highlights from Hank and Jed & Neebs Gaming this month!

Battlefield Friends Season 5!

Battlefield Friends Season 5 is finally coming to YouTube on August 8th, It’s official we hope!

New Hank and Jed Website!


Hank and Jed has a newly designed website with many new community features. Check them out at http://www.hankandjed.net

Neebs Gaming!!!

Neebs Gamings first cartoon is out now! A parody of the game Witcher 3 and its stupid horse!

Also here are some other highlights from NeebsGaming!

Hank and Jed Newsletter – June 2015

Hey guys here’s what we’ve been up to!

Where is BFFs Season 5?

We were told Battlefield Friends Season 5 would be released on YouTube in early May, but unfortunately we are still waiting for their official YouTube release. Thanks for you patience and as soon as we know a date we will let you know.


Thanks to everyone that purchased or rented our animated Movie Toonstone. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out at the links bellow!


Order Toonstone






Neebs Gaming

Here are some highlights from Neebs Gaming this month!

Batman Fight Club Knife Montage

live to 100 Neebsylva 34

road kill Top 20

(Click the thumbnails to watch!)

Have a great month
-The Hank and Jed Team

Hank and Jed Newsletter – May 2015

Hey guys here’s what we’ve been up to!


Toonstone, Hank and Jed’s first animated feature film, is now available on Google Play, Itunes, and Amazon!

Google Play Link
Amazon Link
iTunes Link

Toon Thumb

Battlefield Friends Season 5

Battlefield Friends Season 5 has started on Vessel , but will be coming to Youtube this month.

Neebs Gaming

Here are some highlights from Neebs Gaming this month!

q and Atrailer redubplugleaked opstop 20mqdefault

– Click thumbnails to watch videos –

Hank and Jed Newsletter – April 2015

Hey guys here’s what we’ve been up to!

Battlefield Friends Season 5

The first episode of Battlefield Friends Season 5 out now on a new video service called Vessel. The new episodes will also be coming to YouTube as well, for a more detailed explanation check out the video bellow.

Doraleous / Mob Squad

There are no new updates on Doraleous and Associates or Mob Squad at the moment. After Season 5 of BFFs is complete we will explore those possibilities.



Toonstone is Hank and Jed’s first animated feature film animated 2 years ago and just now making it’s way to distribution. This western tale follows a young cowboy named Dalton as he learns to fend off outlaws with his newly acquired six shooter.

For more information follow Toonstone on Facebook.




Neebs Gaming

And here’s some Neebs Gaming videos this month you may have missed.

mqdefault1   mqdefault
mqdefault (1)   mqdefault (2)
mqdefault (3)  mqdefault (4)

– Click thumbnails to watch videos –


A special thanks to our Neebs Gaming collaborators last month!

Rival XFactor   

 Good Times With Scar    

 Nought & Dychronic    

Hank and Jed Newsletter – March 2015

Hey guys here’s what we’ve been up to.

Mob Squad Season 2

Mob Squad recently wrapped up it’s second season on Hank and Jed, so If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the playlist here: Mob Squad Season 2

 Battlefield Friends

Battlefield Friends Season 5 is coming out soon. We are currently working on new episodes, but waiting on Machinima Happyhour to give us an official release date for the season. As soon as the release date is know we will be updating you guys!


Movie Mash: Gremlins and Taken

Hank and Jed was featured on the How It Should Have Ended channel last month as part of their HISE Features segment.

Neebs Gaming Highlights

We have also been posting videos to our Neebs Gaming channel and in case you missed them here are some of the highlights of the past month.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Also we did a video with the youtuber ImAnderZEL, who joined Neebs in Neebsylvania!


Wanna download and play on the Neebsylvania map? Download it from our website: HankandJedmoviepictures.com

Have a great month everyone!